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About Curious Skin Cardstock Paper

Curious Skin, highly pigmented, colorful & tactile. A must touch paper for the senses. Learn more from paper experts at LCI Paper.

Curious Skin isn't named by accident - it's inspired by the most perfect of exotic skin textures. You'll look at this beautiful paper completely differently now.

Fun fact: Skin paper won't fingerprint! So when real skin meets Curious Skin, there's no evidence anywhere.
Every Curious Skin paper is digital printing compatible, and can be used for just about anything that requires luscious color and is touched a lot. You may immediately think of bags, boxes and business cards, but this paper would be perfect for any kind of creative use, including the most indulgent writing paper you've ever seen.

Customer Questions for Curious Skin Cardstock

Is Skin the same on both sides?

Yes, Skin is a dual sided sheet with the same color and coating on both sides.

Can I order the Skin cardstock in different weights?

LCI currently offers Skin in one weight only - 100lb cover, though is manufactured in several weights.

Can I print Skin in any laser or ink jet printer?

Our in house print tests reveal that the coating on Skin makes it incompatible with ink jet printers. In our testing, we also found that Skin does well with high end lasers, but due to the unique finish and weight of this paper, we recommend you to order a sample to test print prior to purchase. Skin also does well with conventional print methods.


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