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Gmund Color System Papers | 48 Colors & 4 Finishes to Simplify Luxury Design

Gmund Colors Matte Finish Paper

The base of the whole Gmund Color System, Colors MATT (matte finish paper) is offered in 48 core, cohesive colors designed to mix, match, and simplify luxury design.

Gmund Color System Swatch Books

Gmund Colors Envelopes

Matte finish Color System envelopes are offered in all 48 core colors and in 8 sizes to pair with your luxury stationery or branding design.

Gmund Colors Papers for Luxury Design

LCI Paper Company is the official U.S. supplier of Gmund Colors, a luxury paper system of 48 colors and 4 finishes strategically developed to mix, match, and simplify luxury design.

About Gmund Color System Papers

The Color System is manufactured in Germany by one of the world’s oldest and environmentally conscious artisan paper mills, Gmund. It took three years of extensive research develop the system.
From the 48 carefully chosen colors, to the 4 rich paper finishes, to the numeric grid the papers are displayed on, the entire Gmund Colors System is based on design simplicity and color cohesion.

About the 4 Paper Finishes

Matte: The base of the system, 48 foundational colors with a smooth, matte, uniform finish (Available in paper, cardstock, and envelopes)

Felt: 9 of 48 colors embossed with a soft, subtle European felt texture (Available in cardstock)

Metallic: 12 of 48 colors coated with a subtle, tasteful metallic finish on one side (Available in cardstock)

Transparent: 1 classic white vellum with an translucency similar to frosted glass (Available in light and heavier translucent paper weights)

10 Reasons Designers Love Gmund Colors Papers

1. Colors are all you need: Gmund Colors has been compared to a well-stocked wardrobe. From a basic button-down to a tux or gown, it has all you’ll ever need.

2. Gmund Colors has a Mix & Match Guarantee: All 48 colors are designed to harmoniously combine with any of the other 47. How easy (and cool) is that?

3. Gmund Colors are Inspired & Ingenious: The first luxury paper brand based on human memory, Gmund Colors consists of 48 strategically chosen, strong active colors.

4. The Color Grid is Systematic & Simple: Placed in a grid of 8 series of 6 tones each, the grid is easy to follow and makes color selection simple.

5. Gmund Colors Papers are Super Printable: Prior to launch, every Color System paper was tested and perfected to print using all common printing techniques

6. Colors Papers are Always Available: Thanks to an availability guarantee, Gmund Colors papers are guaranteed to be available until at least 2030 (great for long-term branding designs!)

7. Colors Papers are Available Worldwide: All 48 colors and all 4 finishes are available around the globe, ensuring identical paper will always be available in all major industrial countries.

8. Colors Papers are of Premium, Consistent Color & Quality: Colors papers are made with pure fibers, dyed through to the core, and extensively tested during manufacturing for a consistent, beautiful product.

9. Gmund Colors are Eco-Friendly: Made using environmentally conscious practices and Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified, you can be sure Colors is an eco-friendly paper choice for your creative design.

10. Gmund Produces only the Finest Papers: Gmund is one of the oldest, finest paper mills in the world. Using a unique paper-making technique that combines old world artisanal craftsmanship and modern technology, they consistently produce luxury papers suitable for the highest end of design work.

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