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About Felt Cardstock Paper

Gmund Colors Felt is a textured, plush & soft finish card stock paper. Unlike other mass produced felt finish papers, Gmund Felt has a refined, expertly crafted ribbed appearance.

Part of Gmund's Exquisite Color System
Felt is part of Gmund's Color System. The Color System is made up of the most impeccable colors and textures you'll ever see. Gmund's careful choice of each specific weight, hues of color and unique texture for each paper creates an exclusive collection unlike any other.

Like all Gmund papers, Felt is manufactured pH neutral and acid free and with quality, aesthetics, and longevity in mind.  

European Felt Embossed Texture
With its smooth, subtle ribbed texture, Gmund's felt texture is a natural, clean, classic style. This particular texture holds a heavy embossing on not one, but both sides of the sheet.

Unlike American felt which is characterized by a softer, velvety look, European felt has a modern, sleek look and feel.

Please note, Limba and Wedding White colors are grain short, with the linear texture parallel to the short side of the sheet.  

Nine Sophisticated Colors
      • Limba - a brilliant, classic white
      • Wedding White - a pure and timeless off-white
      • Chardonnay - a light, neutral khaki
      • Stone - a light and monochrome gray
      • Cobblestone Gray - a medium, smoky gray
      • Midnight Blue - a classic navy
      • Licorice Black - a somber shade of black
      • Scarlet Red - a vivid, rich red
      • Ebony - a dark, bold charcoal black
For Upscale Designs, Corporate & Social Alike
Use felt for high end brochures, business cards, packaging, stationery, and more.  

Cover Weights Pre-Cut to Size
Felt paper is offered in a variety of cover weights and popular pre-cut sizes. Custom cutting is also available.  

Matching Color System Envelopes
Matching smooth, matte Gmund Color System envelopes are available to make your design complete.  

Gmund Color System Selector
Want to see and compare the whole color system? Order our Gmund Color Selector - a handy fan deck of Gmund Colors Matt, Metallic, Transparent, and Felt.

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