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Gmund Colors Metallic Blank Cards: So Striking, So Different

You've never seen metallic cards quite like these! These striking, shimmering cardstock paper are offered in a variety of popular sizes, each cut from our high end, high style Gmund Colors Metallic cardstock full parent sheets. These metallic cardstock papers have a beautifully reflective, luxurious coating on one side of the sheet. The harmonious colors work together creating a vibrant appeal that is simple and inviting.

12 Chic, Complementary Shades
Colors Metallic cards come in 12 rich, complementary colors. Use alone or mix and match.
      • Limba - A white so bright it may appear blue compared to others! Think fresh snow or white puffy clouds.
      • Light Sky Blue - A pastel, baby blue reminiscent of the sky
      • Wedding White - A soft white
      • Wedding Cream - A light, tasteful cream
      • Chardonnay - A taupe, or champagne color
      • Stone - A medium gray
      • Slate - A charcoal gray
      • Grape - A deep, dark eggplant
      • Forest Green - A dark, saturated, olive green
      • Chocolate - A rich, classic chocolate brown
      • Midnight Blue - A classic navy
      • Ebony - A classic black
Designs Reflective of Your Good Taste
Use Metallics for upscale promotional materials, packaging, invitations, stationery, and more.  

2 Heavy Cover Weights, Several Pre-Cut Sizes
Gmund Colors Metallic paper is offered in a variety of heavy cover weights and popular pre-cut sizes.  

Matching Color System Envelopes
Matching smooth, matte Gmund Color System envelopes are available to make your design complete.  

Gmund Color System Selector
Want to see and compare the whole color system? Order our Gmund Color Selector - a handy fan deck of Gmund Colors Matt, Metallic, Transparent, and Felt.

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