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About Gmund Cotton Cardstock Paper  - Bio Cycle

GMUND Cotton Max White card stock, 100% cotton and free of Lingitin and Acid. Experience the elegance of Gmund Cotton, 100%. Gmund Cotton, which is cultivated on the property and expertly weaved, combines tenderness and strength in a single ensemble. The multi-weighted stock is intelligently designed to serve every occasion and is expertly built to perform in any application.

Bio Cycle is a truly modern, environmentally responsible paper brand from Gmund. Made using a combination of cotton and cellulose makes this a paper of beauty, strength and durability. Bio Cycle is created from fresh fibers (up to 50%) and natural resources including wheat straw, grass, cotton and cannabis. Gmund Bio Cycle is the designers choice for people that appreciate and demand earth friendly sustainability. Bio Cycle is a great option from greeting cards to packaging and brand identity. Print on this paper using offset, letterpress, silk-screen, blind embossing & hot foil stamping.

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