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Hemp Paper for Sustainable Packaging, Branding & Print Designs

Printable hemp paper sold by LCI Paper
A sensational alternative to conventional wood pulp paper, Gmund Hanf is machine-made hemp paper composed of 10%, 50%, or 100% European hemp fibers. It's super sustainable, amazingly durable, and naturally beautiful. One look, one touch, one use, and you will see why the packaging and design industries are wild about Hanf.

10%, 50%, and 100% Pure Hemp Paper Options

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Hanf is made with three different percentages of hemp fibers, referred to as Good, Better, and Best.
      • Good: 10% hemp & 90% pure pulp
      • Better: 50% hemp & 50% recycled fiber
      • Best: 100% pure European hemp, made ONLY by Gmund

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Hemp fibers are naturally long and stable and have a unique way of grouping together during production. This gives hemp paper natural strength and a "wild", organic appearance. The more hemp content there is in a sheet, the more pronounced these characteristics.

What Does Hemp Paper Look Like?

What do we mean when we say hemp is "wild" in appearance? Hold a sheet of Hanf Best (100% hemp) up to the light. Do you see those clusters of fibers? Now, run your fingers along its surface. Do you feel that soft, subtle texture? Finally, check out the sheet next to it. Notice it's slightly different and perhaps has some subtle plant-based inclusions. That's what we mean by wild - natural, tactile, distinct, and simply beautiful from sheet to sheet.

Is Hemp Paper Printable?

Don't be fooled by that wild finish - Hanf offers surprisingly superb printability. Do keep in mind that the unique and varying composition of Hanf may affect expected results. We recommend ordering samples to test prior to purchase.

Gmund Hanf hemp paper can be printed in the following ways:
      • Offset: (Oxidative-drying inks only. Let dry for 24 hours.)
      • Letterpress
      • Silkscreen
      • Blind Embossing (Try it on ultra strong Hanf Best for awesome results!)
      • Hot Foil Embossing
      • Stamping
      • Laser or Inkjet (81 lb/120 gsm only)

The Environmental Advantages of Hemp Paper: Some Fun Facts

Hemp packaging paper. Cannabis packaging made with 100% hemp paper from LCI Paper

Why hemp paper? Hemp is a quickly-growing, readily renewable raw material that can be easily cultivated and fully utilized, making it a sustainable alternative to conventional wood-based paper.
      • One field of hemp yields four to five times as much paper as a forest of the same size.
      • Hemp can be harvested three times a year, but trees can be harvested only once every seven years.
      • A hemp field can be replanted immediately after the harvest because hemp doesn't deplete soil.
      • Hemp plants are naturally pest-resistant, so their cultivation requires fewer pesticides.
      • Hemp eliminates weeds on its own, so fewer herbicides are applied.
      • Hemp fibers are naturally light in color, so they require little bleaching.
      • Hemp fibers are five times longer than wood pulp fibers, improving the wastepaper cycle as they can be recycled more times.
      • Unlike wood-based paper, hemp paper hardly yellows and has a much longer lifespan.

Hemp Paper for Eco-Conscious Brands

Available in text and cover, perfectly printable, and ultra strong, Gmund Hemp papers are the perfect choice for sustainable packaging, cannabis packaging, branding, brochures, presentation folders, greeting cards, and so much more.

Order a sample, test it out, and see how Gmund Hanf Hemp Paper can take your design to the next level.