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About Gmund No Color No Bleach Cards - Pure & Simple Blank Cards

No Color No Bleach blank cards are made with pure pulp, no dye, and long fibers for natural, high performance cards with superb printability. Simple in composition and design, they’re great for minimalist invitations, greeting cards, and prints.  

2 Natural Colors
No Color No Bleach cards come in two colors, each slightly varying from card to card due to the paper’s natural composition.
      • No Color - a soft white with no dye
      • No Bleach - a tan with no dye and no bleach & subtle flecks and fibers throughout

Subtle Felt Finish
No No has a subtle European felt finish on both sides, best described as a soft linear texture.  

Substantial, Heavyweight Card Stock
Cards are made with thick, heavy, 111lb (300 g/m2) card stock. This is a nice weight that is great on its own or as a base on a layered card.  

Variety of Popular Invitation Sizes
No Color No Bleach cards come in a variety of standard, popular invitation & stationery sizes. From small A1 response cards, to popular 5x7 A7 invite cards, to unique square and slim cards, we have you covered.

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