Gmund Hanf Swatch Book




Gmund Hanf hemp paper official swatch book. This swatch book includes (3) pasted color chips (Good, Better, and Best) and (6) printed samples (Good, Better, and Best in 81lb text and 118lb cover):

  • Good (10% hemp & 90% pure pulp)
  • Better (50% hemp & 50% recycled fiber)
  • Best (100% pure European hemp): 100% hemp paper is only made by Gmund!
Printed paper samples are included to show the versatility and creativity of this collection. Order today and experience the ecological and creative sensation that is Gmund Hanf! Paper and print specifications are included. Swatch books are non-returnable or refundable.

Additional information

Item Code HNFSB
Format Swatch Books
Brand Gmund Hanf