Designer Spotlight: Custom Wedding Invitations by Carissa Marie Calligraphy

Post Date : May 23, 2024

As a supplier of fine papers, printing, and laser cutting for professional stationers and do-it-yourselfers, we love sharing the work of our creative customers!


Today we have the pleasure of featuring the talented Carissa Lellos of Carissa Marie Calligraphy. As a modern calligraphy artist, Carissa designs beautifully detailed custom stationery, personalized to reflect her clients’ taste and events. Below, learn more about Carissa Marie Calligraphy and why Carissa chooses LCI for her calligraphy paper needs.


LCI Paper customer spotlight Carissa Lellos from Carissamariecalligraphy


About Carissa Lellos

Carissa Lellos of Carissa Marie Calligraphy is a former teacher, lifelong learner, and modern calligraphy artist based in New Jersey and New York with a knack for creating beautiful things. Carissa has a passion for calligraphy and bringing her clients’ creative visions to life. From custom venue artwork to hand-lettered favors to big seating chart installations, she works diligently to do just that.


After spending the last ten years living in the charming city of Boston, Massachusetts, Carissa, her new husband and their adorable cat, Cariña, have recently purchased their first home in New Jersey! As a recent bride she knows just how important stationery can be for a couple’s big day. That’s why she believes in elevating the experience for guests and couples alike through each and every beautiful, elegant detail she adds into her designs.


Whether it’s designing invitation suites, making her own wax seals, sourcing vintage stamps for thematic consistency or selecting high quality paper and envelopes, every invitation suite she creates is designed with one couple in mind. Keep reading to see why Carissa chooses LCI Paper to create stunning, luxurious invitations and wedding stationery for her clients.


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How Carissa Marie Calligraphy Began

It was just after she graduated college in 2017 when Carissa began dabbling in calligraphy. Since then, Carissa has made her mark, providing beautifully crafted calligraphy on envelopes, vases, sea glass, luxury paper and so much more.


a7.5 rosa pink envelope from LCI Paper with custom calligraphy by Carissamariecaligraphy

Featured Here: Hand Lettering on Pretty Pink Rosa Envelopes (A7.5 Rosa Pink Envelopes)


As a lifelong homemade card giver she wanted to make her thank you cards special. That’s why she decided she would make them herself to give them an extra personalized touch. As she sat their copying calligraphy fonts she saw online she begun to realize her passion for calligraphy. Writing those thank you cards inspired her to buy her first brush pen set and began teaching herself the basics.


After buying her first brush set, she was able to join a thriving, collaborative community of makers who helped shape her techniques and expand her horizons to new mediums and styles. She began practicing strategies of thick downstrokes and thinner upstrokes on different materials, until she mastered her own technique.


Eventually Carissa was able to expand her calligraphy creations beyond greeting cards and to custom wall art. After four years of this she would find the niche that she was perfect for. In 2021 she made the switch to the wedding industry when she created a custom guest seating cart consisting of 225 guests across 2 large mirrors.


Why Carissa Chooses LCI Paper for her Calligraphy 

As a calligraphy artist it’s important for Carissa to have the correct tools and materials in order to craft elegant masterpieces.

High Quality Envelopes & Paper

This means getting the highest quality envelopes and paper she can find for her invitations, and at an affordable price. One of the reasons why Carissa chooses LCI Paper is for it’s high quality. Time and time again it has proven itself to her.

Despite being a small local company, which often means higher prices, LCI’s prices are some of the most reasonable I’ve found! 


One of the most important elements for quality is how the paper and envelopes feel to the touch. She checks for thickness, weave, smoothness, luster (if applicable), and ultimately the crumple factor. High quality paper ensures her invitations won’t get crumpled or crinkled easily. It also ensures clear, smooth printing with many options for customizations.


Superb Customer Service

She also chooses LCI thanks to the amazing customer service they provide if anything goes wrong or changes. As a loyal customer of 2+ years, she loves LCI Paper’s envelopes for her calligraphy.

The quality is excellent, the customer service is off the charts, and again, I love supporting local. LCI has been such a gem!


Her favorite mediums and styles to work with include modern pointed pens, watercolor lettering an artwork, digital lettering and artwork as well as Spencerian script pointed pen. She has recently expanded her craft to custom engraving.


LCI Paper’s Envelopes in Action – Hand Lettered Envelopes 

Carissa Marie Calligraphy firmly believes that something every hand lettered envelope needs is sturdiness. A sturdy envelope makes for a great medium for calligraphy. It provides a surface ideal for calligraphers as they don’t soak up and redistribute the ink elsewhere. It also does not tear when Carissa drag’s her pointed pen across the surface.


Thankfully for Carissa, she has found LCI’s envelopes have all proven to be sturdy and calligraphy-able.


Carissa hand addresses each envelope in beautiful calligraphy. The invitations are then mailed with a curated collection of vintage stamps, which were carefully selected to match both the colors and the overall vibe of the invitation suite.


timeless black and chardonnay invitation suite photo by carissamariecalligraphy featuring LCI Paper Ebony Black envelopes

Timeless Ebony Black Invitation Suite by Carissa Lellos (A7 Ebony Black Envelope & A1 Chardonnay Envelope)


Not only does Carissa design the invitation suites, she handwrites each and every envelope with return addresses and guest addresses. Below is a stunning invitation suite featuring Carissa’s beautiful calligraphy in white ink on LCI Paper’s A7 Black Forest envelopes.


Moody black forest invitation suite by carissa marie calligraphy using LCI Paper A7 Black Forest envelopes

Moody Black Forest Invitation Suite by Carissa Lessos (A7 Black Forest Envelopes)


close up of white ink calligraphy done on LCI Paper's Black Forest Envelopes by Carissa Marie Calligraphy

Close up of Moody Black Forest Invitation Suite by Carissa Lellos (A7 Black Forest Envelopes)


Carissa’s Favorites 

As a designer, she adores LCI’s envelope liners as well as the euro flap envelopes. However, Carissa’s favorite envelopes are LCI’s Wedding White Euro Flap envelopes.


See More Custom Invites by Carissa Lellos

If you’re interested in seeing more custom invitations by Carissa Lellos, you follow her on Instagram @carissamariecalligraphy or email her. If you’d like to learn more about creating custom wedding invitations, don’t hesitate to reach out!


Thank You, Carissa!

We want to give Carissa a big thank you for sharing her beautiful work with us and for her words about LCI Paper! Please keep the gorgeous invitation inspiration coming.


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