Do It Yourself (DIY) Paper Craft Ideas

Post Date : June 18, 2020

diy paper craft boats with LCI Paper cardstock paper


Paper Kites

Warm, summer weather allows for you and your family to play outside more and enjoy the sunshine. Nothing creates better family memories than flying a kite together, especially one that has been customized with your favorite colors and designs! With our complete collection of paper in your choice of color, weight and texture, there aren’t many projects that will feel as rewarding as this one. Get creative and craft your own unique paper kite for endless fun!


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paper flowers made from LCI Paper card stock paper


Paper Flower Bouquet

If you need more home craft ideas, this one will surely brighten your day. With your choice of color and size, flowers can serve as a great addition to any room. Enhance the delicate look of your bouquet with a layer of our translucent vellum paper and choose from our vast band of colors. Layer up the sheets of paper for a more voluminous look, or keep it simple with one or two flowers. Invite your family to help or host a remote DIY paper craft party and start creating!


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paper garland made with colorful 3 in circle cards from LCI Paper


Paper Garland

String together a few of your favorite things! Make it a simple paper craft or test your origami skills. For this project, we recommend choosing from our selection of cardstock paper for a sturdy decoration that can be placed in any setting. We offer a variety of finishes including metallic, matte, woodgrain and more! Whatever you choose, a decorative garland will let your imagination flow.


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