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Edits & Substitutions

Need to make a change to your LCI Paper order?


If you need to make an item change, quantity change, or any other order related change, please contact an LCI Paper Specialist immediately. We do not guarantee we will catch your order. If your order has been been pulled, packed, or shipped, we can not stop it for changes. If the order is caught in time, we will cancel and refund your order so you can place a new one.


Order Edits & Substitutions Faqs


Can I update my order contents or shipping methods and pay the difference?

 If you require a change to your order, a new order must be entered. We can not amend orders.

I was informed you do not have enough stock to fill my order. What should I do?

If we do not have the full order amount available, or if the item is backordered or discontinued, we will notify you before shipping. If you accept the order reduction or prefer to cancel the item from your order, our paper specialists will handle this internally. We will refund the difference back to the same payment method used at the time of ordering.

What if I’m unsure about your recommendations for a substitution?

If the item you order is out of stock, we may make comparative recommendations and offer to send you free samples for comparison. LCI Paper will not be liable for product recommendations. It is strongly advised you accept the samples prior to ordering.

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