About Blank Cards (FAQs)

Post Date : January 10, 2013

What are your blank printable cards commonly used for?

Premium quality and offered in hundreds of colors, sizes, and finishes, customers find all kinds of used for our printable cards – wedding invitation cards, note cards, thank yous, greeting cards, business cards, and more.

Do your blank cards come in standard invitation sizes?

Yes, we offer all the standard invitation and note card sizes and then some to suit your creative needs. From popular A2, A7, A9 blank cards to custom cut sizes, we have you covered.

Do you offer matching blank cards and envelopes?

For the most part, all of our blank cards have matching envelopes, indicated by the same brand color name.

How do I choose the right envelope size for my blank card?

Generally, you need an envelope that is 1/8 to 1/4 inch larger than your card. For more information on selecting an envelope size, please view the following: How to Choose the Right Envelope Size

Do cards come pre-cut or perforated on a larger sheet?

The majority of our blank card sizes blank card sizes come pre-cut. However, we do have a small collection of multiple up, perforated cards in a traditional color palette as well.

Are your folded cards pre-scored?

All of our folding cards come pre-scored for easy and accurate folding but are delivered flat for printing.

Do you offer printing on blank cards?

We sure do! Order your custom design printed on 100s of our blank cards* by clicking the link below and enjoy the convenience of premium paper and professional printing from one location. LCI Invitation Printing Service

*Heavily textured cards and cards above 130lb Card Stock (352 g/m2) excluded.

Do you offer blank card templates for printing at home?

Yes, you can find Microsoft Word card printing templates below the product image in the specs tab. If you can not find one for your card, get in touch with us and we’ll send you one.

We also offer card stock printing tips for assistance with printing invitation cards at home.

Can you recommend a textured white card stock for wedding invitation cards?

We have various brands of textured blank cards for wedding invitations, here are some of our favorites:

  • Colors Blank Cards – A subtle toothy texture similar to an eggshell available in a variety of white and cream shades
  • LCI Linen Blank Cards – A traditional, subtle linen finish available in bright and soft whites
  • Wood Grain Blank Cards – Featuring an exotic and defined wood grain texture available in Limba, a bright white.