Gmund Heidi (FAQs)

Post Date : December 23, 2015

Can Gmund Heidi papers be printed using a home printer?

Gmund Heidi is not recommended for home inkjet or laser printing. The roughened finish and thick weights will make it challenging for consumer & commerical grade printers.

What makes this paper so great for letterpress?

Gmund Heidi was specifically designed for letterpress. The thick bulk weight & kraft-like texture help achieve outstanding results when embossed or printed by letterpress.

Does Gmund Heidi have matching envelopes?

Matching Gmund Heidi envelopes are not available?

Is Gmund Heidi available in text paper?

Not currently. Gmund Heidi is only available in two card stock weights: 122lb / 330GSM & 196lb / 530GSM

Do the Heidi colors match your Gmund Colors Matt papers?

No, not exactly. Because of the 100% post consumer production each sheet of this paper is unique, therefore making it difficult to get an exact match. We looked through the papers and here are our thoughts. Wheat (27) is very close to Soft Kraft, but none of the others are quite right – just a shade or two off. For example, Stone (23) is just a little more yellow than Faded Grey, Ebony (10) a little darker and more saturated than Dull Black, Used White just not the same as any other white.

Are there dirt specs in the paper?

Yes. The paper is made using 100% post consumer waste. This adds to the unique nature however natural flecks can be seen in the paper.