Specialty Paper (FAQs)

Post Date : March 19, 2013

Do you have swatch books & samples of all of your papers?

You can order samples of all of papers and card stocks right on the website. Navigate to the product page and look for the order sample link. We also sell a variety of sample kits & swatch books for larger sample needs.

Do you offer wholesale or bulk paper prices to resellers?

Although we do not have a separate price list for resellers, we recently added a Loyalty Rewards program for professionals. It’s free to sign up and start saving by getting a discount on every order. Most of our papers have volume discounts as well.

What is the difference between card stock and text paper?

Card stock (or cover weight) is a thick, heavy paper (think invitations, cards, packaging). Text paper is a light, flexible paper (think resume paper, book pages).

Learn more about paper weight

Is the paper color on the computer screen what I will see in person?

Although we try to depict true color when creating our product images, it should be known that they are just that, images. Every monitor has different color calibration and resolution, so what you see may not be exactly what the next person sees. We highly suggest ordering samples prior to purchase. This way, you can see first hand what the color looks like.

Do you offer custom cutting, or just standard paper sizes?

Absolutely! We offer a variety of popular, standard paper sizes, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, we offer custom cutting as well. Please contact us for more detial.

What is the appropriate paper weight and paper finish for my printer?

All consumer grade printers are different so we can not make guaranteed recommendations. That being said, LCI Paper does do extensive testing on each of the specialty papers we sell.

In our opinion a smooth finish card stock would offer the least printer resistance and should work fine in most laser and ink jet printers. Our radiant white and ecru LCI brand card stock is the smoothest stock we offer. It is available in multiple sizes and weights. With confidence, we feel the 80lb cover (216gsm) would work in most printers, but if you want more assurance you can opt for the 65lb cover (176gsm). On the product page you can filter by size and weight.

Do you offer card stock printing tips?

Printing on unique paper finishes, heavy paper weights, and custom card sizes can be tricky, so we do offer you card stock printing tips. Please view the following:

How to Print Card Stock

Why does curling occur when my invitation paper comes off the printer?

Invitation curling will sometimes happen on printers with paper paths that are not straight through. It also happens when the heat of a laser printer interacts with the moisture content in paper. If curling does occur, one suggestion is to take a stack of the curled invitations, and gently bend the stack back and forth. You can also stack heavy items on top of them. Generally speaking, this will take the curl out of the cards.

Is metallic card stock paper the same thing as glitter card stock paper?

No, these two are very different, but we offer them both.

Metallic paper has a slight sheen and a subtle sparkle due to a mica infused coating. Glitter paper has a very prominent sparkle as the whole sheet is covered in glitter.

Does your specialty paper have any recycled content?

All of the specialty paper we offer is manufactured by environmentally conscious mills and with responsibly sourced content, though not all of it is recycled.

However we do offer the following recycled paper brands:

  • PC100 (100% recycled white card stock)
  • Neenah Environment (30% recycled kraft card stock)
  • Gmund Heidi (100% recycled kraft paper for letter press)

What is specialty paper?

Specialty paper or specialty card stock simply refers to paper that is created/coated for a specific use. It is high end, fine paper that can be used for invitations, stationery, packaging, paper craft, industrial purposes, and more. The types of specialty papers we offer are sometimes referred to as stationery paper, invitation paper, print paper, fine paper, or decorative paper.