White Ink Print (FAQs)

Post Date : March 23, 2016

Do you offer white printing on all of your dark colored papers, cards, and envelopes?

For the most part, yes, we can print crisp white on all of our dark papers, cards, and envelopes. The only exceptions are heavily textured papers and envelopes, as our technology does not perform well with embossed sheets.

Can I order white printing on matte and metallic finishes?

You sure can! We offer white printing on both coated and uncoated papers (and both look awesome!). Go ahead and order white printed invitation cards, envelopes, business cards, programs, place cards, menus, and more. You name it, we can do it!

Why can’t I just print in white at home?

Home laser and ink jet printers do not print in white. They use toners and inks with very little opacity, so if you try to print a light color on dark paper, nothing will show up.

Do you offer other opaque printing colors like silver or gold?

Sadly, no. We can not print in any other opaques or in metallics.

Can I order white and color printing together on one card or envelope?

Printing must be ordered as all white or all black/color. The two can not be combined on a single card or envelope.

How do I submit art work to be printed in white?

Custom art work to be printed in white must be submitted in 100% black as a PDF or .eps with outlined text. Please don’t send us your design in white or we won’t be able to see it!

Do you use white ink to print white?

Though we commonly use the phrase “white ink printing”, no, we technically use white toner. This means you get crisp, sharp prints.

How opaque is your white printing? Can I see through it?

All toners and ink have a slight opacity, so yes, you can see through white printing a bit. This will vary with the stock you choose to print and how much coverage is on your design. However, we promise that this show-through is slight and that white printing on dark papers and envelopes really pops!

Why should I order white envelope and card printing through LCI Paper?

There are many reasons, but to name a few…

  • Huge selection of fine papers and envelopes
  • 48 hour (or less) turnaround
  • Rush printing service available
  • Customer supplied envelopes accepted for printing
  • Professional, seasoned, detail oriented print department
  • Knowledgable, helpful, friendly customer service
  • And much more….