Gmund Cotton (FAQs)

Post Date : April 3, 2015

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What is cotton paper made of?

Our cotton paper is 100% pure cotton and contains no wood pulp at all. This makes for a super soft, elegant sheet.

Is cotton paper acid free?

Yes, because it contains no wood pulp, cotton paper is acid free, lignin free, and is the only truly archival paper.Learn about acid free and archival paper

What is the best way to print cotton?

Our cotton paper was made with letterpress in mind (and it prints beautifully!). However, it can also be printed with other conventional methods such as offset and foil stamping, and for the lighter weights (110gsm/74lb text 300gsm/111lb cover), laser and ink jet technology will work as well (see link below). As with any of our papers, we urge you to order samples to test print at home or take to your local printer prior to purchase. Alternatives to Letterpress on Cotton Paper

Do you have matching cotton envelopes

We sure do! You can order 100% cotton envelopes in two colors and several sizes with a stylish Old World flap. Order them blank or printed.

What’s the difference between the cotton weights?

Cotton paper comes in three weights:

  • 74lb text (110gsm) – Flexible like the pages of a book
  • 111lb cover (300gsm) – Heavy weight card stock similar to the thickness of a cereal box
  • 222lb cover (600gsm) – Very thick, heavy card stock similar to chip board

Does cotton only come in three colors?

Gmund Cotton comes in several colors, three of which are carried by LCI Paper.

  • Wedding White – A softer white that is a cross between brilliant white and cream
  • New Grey – A very light, soft, neutral grey
  • Max White – A brilliant white

Does your cotton wedding white match your Gmund Color System wedding white?

Yes, because Gmund utilizes its color system across most of its collections, Gmund Colors wedding white and Cotton wedding white are the same shade, or color number – #49.

Does cotton paper feel like cloth?

Because it is made of pure cotton, this paper does have a luxuriously soft, tactile finish, though we would not quite say it feels like cloth, no.

Can I cut cotton paper, or will it fray?

Some people worry that cotton paper will fray like a cotton ball when you cut it, but don’t worry, this certainly won’t happen! Though you do need a very, very sharp blade to get clean cuts on cotton, it is certainly doable. We do it here all the time!

Can I hand write on cotton?

As mentioned above, cotton is very porous and has a soft, tactile finish in which ink is absorbed very quickly. Though you certainly can hand write cotton paper and envelopes, you must do so with the right types of pens such as gel pens or calligraphy markers that will flow smoothly over these absorbent sheets. A standard ball point pen may appear choppy.