Cards for Avery’s Pawsitive Change, Helping Hungry Pets

Post Date : May 16, 2024

“In Memory Of” Donation Cards for Avery’s Pawsitive Change


In memory of donation card printed by LCI Paper

We were recently introduced to 17 year-old Avery Sontheimer when she reached out to us regarding a card donation for her non-profit organization, Avery’s Pawsitive Change Pet Food Panty (APC). APC works to provide pet food to families in need, helping to keep pets in their homes, not abandoned or placed in a shelter. After chatting with the inspiring young Avery and learning about her noble cause, we were pleased to donate cards and eager to help spread the word about her organization.


Below, learn more about Avery, APC, and how you can help!





Shown here, cards that will be sent to individuals who make a donation to Avery’s Pawsitive Change in memory of a loved one. The cards and envelopes were donated and printed by LCI Paper Company. For non-profit donation inquiries, please contact LCI Paper.

How Avery’s Pawsitive Change Began

Avery Sontheimer has always had a passion for helping animals. While volunteering at pet rescues and veterinary clinics, she dreamed of a career in animal welfare. Regrettably, 4 years ago, she was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma cancer. Despite long hospital stays and the challenges that followed, she continued to live out her passion of caring for animals in need. Through her Avery’s Pawsitive Change Facebook page and the generosity of family, friends, and the community, she fundraised to support her causes. Some of her favorite moments included sending over 4000 gift cards to animal shelters in all 50 states, buying food and supplies for local rescues, and placing a blessing box in her community that continues to be filled daily with free pet food.


Make a Wish Foundation and PETA have recognized and supported Avery as well, to which she states:


I am grateful to the “Make a Wish Foundation” who provided me with a Mobile Pet Food Pantry, enabling me to deliver larger quantities of pet food, and to PETA, the largest animal rights organization in the world, for honoring me with the “Hero to Animals Award”.


In October of 2023, Avery’s Pawsitive Change Pet Food Pantry became an official 501(c)(3) Non-Profit and her mission expanded to providing free pet food to community food pantries.

How You Can Help – Donate, Volunteer, or Spread the Word!

You can help APC by donating, by volunteering if you’re a Pennsylvania local, or by spreading the word about this awesome organization! To learn more, visit the Donation & Volunteering section of the APC website.


Avery concludes with:

Avery of Avery's Pawsitive Change


Even though I continued to get treatments, I KNEW there was more I could do to help pets fight their battle with hunger, all while I’m fighting my own battle with cancer. I hope you’ll join our APC Family and help us make a difference, one pet at a time. I am grateful for every dollar and the pets are grateful for every meal. I know this is true because I can feel it every day, “He who feeds a hungry animal, feeds his own soul!”



Thank you, Avery, for reaching out to us and for letting us share your story and mission!

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