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Vellum Jacket Wraps (FAQs)

Vellum Jackets (wraps) are very popular these days so we get lots of questions about them! Here are answers to the top questions brides and stationers most commonly ask us about making vellum invitation wraps. Can Vellum be Cut to Make a Vellum Invitation Wrap? Vellum can be cut to size to create a custom […]

Pocketfolds (FAQs)

Do you make custom size pocketfolds? Unfortunately we do not offer custom size invitation pockets, just the sizes and styles shown on our site. This is because pocketfolds are made by die cutting cardstock. Each unique size requires a custom die. In order for a die cut item to be economical, several thousand must be […]

No Color No Bleach (FAQs)

What is No Color No Bleach made with? No Color No Bleach is made with pure, long fiber wood pulp. As implied by its name, this collection is made with no color/dye (white) and no bleach (tan) giving the paper a natural, authentic appearance. What is the texture of No Color No Bleach? Though long […]

White Ink Print (FAQs)

Do you offer white printing on all of your dark colored papers, cards, and envelopes? For the most part, yes, we can print crisp white on all of our dark papers, cards, and envelopes. The only exceptions are heavily textured papers and envelopes, as our technology does not perform well with embossed sheets. Can I […]

Envelope Sizes (FAQs)

How do I determine the proper envelope size for my invitations? It is a good rule of thumb to choose an envelope that is 1/8 to 1/4 inch larger than your invitation card. This will allow your invitation to fit in your envelope easily without allowing too much wiggle room. What is the most popular […]

Gmund Heidi (FAQs)

Can Gmund Heidi papers be printed using a home printer? Gmund Heidi is not recommended for home inkjet or laser printing. The roughened finish and thick weights will make it challenging for consumer & commerical grade printers. What makes this paper so great for letterpress? Gmund Heidi was specifically designed for letterpress. The thick bulk […]

Gmund Colors (FAQs)

What’s the difference in the 4 Gmund Color System finishes? Matt (48 Colors) – A collection of smooth, matte finish cover and text weight papers and card stocks that is the foundation of the Gmund Color System Felt (9 Colors) – Uncoated cover weight papers with a subtle European felt, linear embossed texture on both […]

Gmund Cotton (FAQs)

Shop Gmund 100% Cotton What is cotton paper made of? Our cotton paper is 100% pure cotton and contains no wood pulp at all. This makes for a super soft, elegant sheet. Is cotton paper acid free? Yes, because it contains no wood pulp, cotton paper is acid free, lignin free, and is the only […]

Stardream (FAQs)

I am trying to laser print on Stardream envelopes, but the toner just wipes off. Why? Stardream envelopes can be a tricky to print on. Although the manufacturing mill and our in house print tests have confirmed that Stardream does print best with a laser, not all lasers can handle the very heavy text weight […]

Vellum (FAQs)

How translucent is Translucent Vellum Paper? Though it is not crystal clear in appearance, you can certainly see through it. In essence, text and images will certainly be visible through vellum paper, though their appearance will be clouded. The level of transparency of the vellum will vary with color. Text and images beneath light colored […]

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