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Pocketfolds (FAQs)

Do you make custom size pocketfolds? Unfortunately we do not offer custom size invitation pockets, just the sizes and styles shown on our site. This is because pocketfolds are made by die cutting cardstock. Each unique size requires a custom die. In order for a die cut item to be economical, several thousand must be […]

5 Reasons to Love Bi-Fold (Posh) Invitation Pockets

All About Posh Pockets… ORDER Posh Pockets Simple and stylish, a posh pocket is just a 5 x 7 folder with a pocket – no extra flap, no extra panel, no extra fluff. We’re big fans of them here at LCI Paper. Here’s five reasons why: 1. Less Bulk = Less Postage Elimination of an […]

Pocket Photo Gallery

Pocket Cards & Invitations Pocket Cards & Invitations are a fun and contemporary option for any wedding or special event invitation. Made with thick, heavy-weight card stock, pre-cut and pre-scored, choose from a wide selection of high quality styles, finishes, and colors that you won’t find anywhere else! Top left: Metallic Pockets. Top right: Landscape, […]

Best Glue for Professional Pocket Invitations

If you are making your own pocket invitations, you want them to have a polished, professional look – a look that says “I spent hours on these and thank you, they do look fantastic” – not a look that says, “I spent hours on these, but oops, I used the wrong glue and now my invitations are lumpy. darn.”

We’ve all been there – we’ve all used the wrong glue, we’ve all experienced that “oh darn” feeling, and we want to help you avoid it! To find out which adhesive is best for polished, professional, wrinkle free pocket invitations, we put four different adhesives to the test:

What Size Card Do I Need for My Pocket Invitation?

Invitation pockets are very popular because they neatly and stylishly present all of the cards that go into an invitation ensemble – invitation card, reception, direction, RSVP, etc. To properly design your invitations, it’s essential to know the dimensions of the panels and the construction of the pockets. Understanding these specification will insure your cards fit nicely, the pockets fold smoothly & everything fits comfortably inside the mailing envelope. We have clearly outlined the different LCI Pocket Invitations with their respective opened & closed specifications.

5 Tips to Protect Your Pocket Invites from Mailbox Horrors

Your invitations are your guests’ first glimpse into your upcoming event. After you spend hours designing and assembling your own statement-making pocket invitations, you want to be sure they arrive at your guests’ homes looking great! But there’s a curve ball – unless you’re hand delivering each invitation, they’ll have undergo the rigors of mailing.

The mailing process can be tough on invitations – tearing, marking, return to sender stamps – all horrible things you don’t want happening to your lovely invitations.

Read through our tips & learn how to protect your pocket invitations from mail box horrors.

Designer Secrets To Professional Pocket Invitations

Pocket invitations – they’re contemporary, they’re stylish, they’re everywhere!. Each design is slightly different – some are rectangular, some are square; some are thick, some are thin; some elaborate, some simple – you get the gist.

With so many pocket styles to choose from, the design possibilities are endless. Though each pocket invitation is different, the great ones are all assembled using the same principles, tips, and tricks – ones you’ll find in this article.

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