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Paper Scoring Service | Easily Make Your Own Custom Sized Folding Cards

At LCI Paper we stock dozens of standard size bi-fold cards and tri-fold cards and papers to make your own greeting cards, programs, brochures, marketing materials and more. But sometimes you need a pre-made folder that’s more unique, so we offer custom scoring (pre-creasing on cards and papers) too!

Pre-scored folding cards for greeting cards, programs, invitations

Why do I Need to Score Paper Before Folding It?

Scoring (making a crease, or indentation) in paper or cardstock prior to folding it comes in handy for multiple reasons:

  1. A pre-existing crease serves as a folding guideline and makes it easy to cleanly, accurately, and consistently fold your cards or papers every time. This saves time and allows for a polished, professional appearance.
  2. Though lightweight text paper can be folded without cracking along the fold, heavyweight cardstock cannot. Adding a score in the cardstock prevents this cracking in addition to the benefit of super simple, straight folding every time.

Though you can score cards and papers on your own using a scoring tool such as a bone folder or rotary scorer, this is time consuming when it comes to creating hundreds of cards. At LCI Paper, we use an industrial scoring machine to quickly create custom, pre-creased cards and papers for you.

Looking for a custom scored, perforated, and/or cut shape as opposed to just a plain score? Check out our Digital Laser Cutting Service page!

Before You Order Custom Scoring, Check LCI Paper’s Folding Card Sizes

Before you order custom scored paper, please check the standard folding cards and papers we already stock. You may be able to avoid a custom scoring charge.

Standard Bi-Fold Card Sizes Stocked at LCI Paper


  • A1
  • A2
  • A6
  • A7
  • A9 + More Sizes

Standard Tri-Fold Papers Stocked at LCI Paper


  • 8 1/2 x 11 Brochures
  • 5×7 Tri-Folds (Z-Folds)
  • Square Tri-Folds (Z-Folds)
  • 5×7 Gate Folds
  • Square Gate Folds

How to Order Custom Scored Paper

  1. Add the paper to be scored (pre-creased) to your cart
  2. Go to the Custom Paper Scoring ordering page
  3. Add (1) custom scoring charge for up to 250 finished folding cards with up to (2) scores. 1 ($15) scoring charge covers 1-250 folders, 2 ($30) scoring charges covers 251-500 folders, etc.
  4. Enter your custom scoring dimensions in Order Notes at checkout.
  5. An LCI Paper representative will contact you to confirm your dimensions before we score your full order.
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