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Print Disclaimer

LCI does make best practice recommendations for printing compatibility on our various papers from our own in house testing and individual paper mill specifications. However, in regards to printing, equipment, paper compatibility and personal results we do not and can not explicitly guarantee verbally or written each consumer application. There are all types of consumer and professional printers on the market, each with their own mechanical and technical makeup. Further, all inks are not the same and papers will react differently to different inks.

To help with the process, we offer samples of our papers for testing your specific application on your specific printer. The vast majority of our papers are suitable for conventional printing including offset, thermography, engraving, letterpress and on demand. If you plan on using the services of an outside printer we encourage you to consult them in regards to your printing needs.

LCI Paper Co, Inc. shall not be liable, in any way, for incidental or consequential damages or losses sustained, or aggravated, by print or paper recommendations whether or not made verbally or in writing on this website. This is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the consumer.

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