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Unique Specialty Paper & Card Stock for Printing, Packaging, Invitations & More

Thick Card Stock Paper

Available in a variety of thick, heavy weights and in several standard sizes, card stock specialty paper is perfect for packaging, invitations, letterpress printing, business cards, paper crafts, and more. Shop hundreds of premium card stocks from around the world for your creative, high-value design. 

Find the Perfect Paper for Your Creative Design

Eco-friendly sustainable paper for packaging, branding, printing
Eco-Friendly Sustainable Paper
Gmund papers sold by LCI Paper
Gmund Paper Brands
Translucent vellum and parchment paper
Translucent Vellum & Parchment Paper

Light Text Paper

Text weight specialty paper is light, flexible, and easy to fold, making it perfect for printing, writing, crafting, and more. Common uses for our premium text weight paper include resumes, menus, letters, packing inserts, invitation wraps and overlays and more.

Specialty Paper for Printing, Packaging, Invites & More

A supplier of fine specialty papers from around the globe, LCI Paper offers text paper and card stock in hundreds captivating colors, dozens of must-touch textures and finishes, and in weights and sizes for every print and creative project.
Whether you are in need of paper for printing, high value packaging, branding design, invitations, or something else, LCI Paper has what you need. Enjoy shopping a vast and unique selection of fine papers, all in stock and ready for same day shipping.

Specialty Paper Weights:
Shop a range of paper weights from light 30lb translucent vellum all the way up to 222lb (600 g/m2) heavy weight card stock for letterpress.

Specialty Paper Sizes:
From standard 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock all the way up to large format mill sized folio sheets, LCI has all the standard paper sizes you need. And if you don’t find what you’re after, LCI Paper offers custom paper cutting and custom laser cutting too!

Specialty Paper Finishes:
LCI Paper sells paper in matte, metallic, gloss, wood texture, felt, linen, cotton….and so much more! We invite you to browse our collection, order some samples, and find your favorite.

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