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About Double Wedding Envelopes

LCI Paper offers 3 distinct styles for double wedding envelopes - Double Euro Flap Envelopes, Double Lined Envelopes, and Double Unlined Envelopes. A double envelope set consists of two envelopes that fit perfectly together – an outer mailing envelope, and a slightly smaller inner envelope. Learn more about envelope print services at LCIPaper. Outer Mailing Envelope
      • Withstands rigors of mailing
      • Gum seal for closing
      • Formally addressed and return addressed for mailing
Inner Envelope
      • Protected from mailing scuffs, dirt, debris
      • Often lined (outer envelopes are left unlined since they will be marked up then tossed)
      • Holds all the invitation “stuff” – invite, response, directions, etc.
      • No gum seal – left open for courtesy
      • Informally addressed

How to Stuff Them – It’s Simple!

Properly arranging a wedding invitation using traditional double wedding envelopes is easy! Place the invitation, response items, direction cards, etc. inside of the inner envelope, close it up, flip it around so the informal address faces out, and place it in the outer! See below:  

How to Properly Address – Outers Formal, Inners Personal/Informal

Outer Envelope – Formally Addressed for Mail Outer envelopes are formally addressed and return addressed for mailing purposes. For example: Mr. and Mrs. Daren Bradshaw 12 Cheshire Lane Marlborough, Massachusetts 01742 Outer Envelope – Informal Inner envelopes are more personal and informal. They include just names, no address. They also include guests and children, if applicable. For example: Daren and Priscilla Bradshaw — or — Daren Bradshaw and Guest  
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