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World renowned Stardream paper is an iridescent, pearlescent paper with a distinctive dual sided metallic finish - a finish so distinct that it has never been duplicated on any other paper in the world! With its shimmering mica-infused coating, Stardream is specifically designed for those wishing to add a lustrous effect to their creative printed design.

Stardream paper and cardstock is available through LCI in 16 striking colors, a heavy 105lb cover weight, a lighter 81lb text weight, and a collection of popular sizes cut perfectly for press. Matching Stardream blank cards and Stardream envelopes are available as well. All this variety gives Stardream endless creative possibilities. Stardream is a popular metallic paper for invitations, packaging, paper craft, creative corporate branding and more.

Rich in both appearance and quality, Stardream paper is manufactured in Italy by Gruppo Cordenons fine paper mill, a fourth generation family paper mill that has an impressive environmental charter and unparalleled standards of quality and longevity. Stardream is heavy metal free, acid free, pH neutral, fade resistant, and archival.

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