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Sustainable Luxury Paper for Creative Packaging & Print Designs

Whether for stationery, branding, packaging, or prints, eco-friendly sustainable paper is very in right now. Sustainable paper is simply a "greener" version of conventional paper, made from recycled and/or sustainably sourced, readily renewable fibers. It's smart, it's responsible, it lessens your carbon footprint.

When it comes to choosing sustainable paper for your high value design, you can go with a basic, run of the mill recycled paper, or you could go with fresh, modern, designer eco-friendly paper from LCI Paper to make your design truly pop!

About Eco-Friendly Paper Brands from LCI Paper: Gmund Hanf Hemp Paper

"Hanf" (German for "hemp") is made with 100%, 50%, or 10% European hemp fibers. Hemp fibers are very long, making Hanf paper very strong, soft to the touch, natural in appearance, and superb in printability. It's perfect for packaging, art, branding, and so much more...

Gmund Used 100% Recycled Paper in Designer Colors

Gmund Used has some history behind it, made with 100% reused, de-inked wood-pulp paper fibers. Thanks to Gmund's maximum fiber reclamation process, discarded paper is transformed into designer paper in the form of Used. It has a smooth, matte finish and is offered in chic and unique colors you won't find in other recycled papers.

Gmund Bio Cycle (Paper Made with Plants)

Gmund Bio Cycle is made from plant fibers and is compostable, thus providing nutrients to grow new plants - the perfect ecological cycle! It comes in five fiber styles, each featuring an alluring earth-tone color and must-touch texture.

Gmund No Color No Bleach (Natural, Minimalist Paper)

Pure and simple in composition and design, No Color No Bleach is manufactured with pure pulp, no dye, and long fibers creating a natural, honest, high performance paper. This minimalist collection is offered in just two colors, each with a subtle linear texture finish.
  • No Color - a white with no dye
  • No Bleach - a tan with no dye and no bleach.