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Envelope Liner Paper to Design Your Own Custom Lined Envelopes

So Many Envelope Liner Papers…

Create your own unique lined envelopes with our DIY envelope liner paper. We offer liner paper specifically cut to fit our straight and Euro flap envelopes in hundreds of colors and finishes. Order drop-in envelope liners blank or printed with your custom design and adhere to your envelopes with glue or double sided tape – easy! Combined with our vast, colorful selection of invitation envelopes, the creative possibilities are endless!

Envelopes & adhesive are sold separately.

Supplies to Line Your Own Envelopes

About LCI Paper’s Envelope Liner Paper

Envelope liner paper not only decorates and enhances your overall envelope and invitation design, it serves as an extra layer of protection during mailing, too! LCI Paper offers pre-cut, slip-in envelope liner paper in the following sizes and formats.

Please note that our liner papers are cut to fit LCI Paper straight and Euro flap envelopes
. We can not guarantee a fit for envelopes that were purchased elsewhere.

Straight Flap Envelope Liner Paper

A2 Straight Flap Liners (4.5 x 5.5)

A7 Straight Flap Liners (6 x 6.75)

Euro Flap Envelope Liner Paper

A1 Euro Flap Liners (4.5 x 6)

A2 Euro Flap Liners (4.75 x 7.5)

A6 Euro Flap Liners (5.63 x 7.88)

A7 Euro Flap Liners (6 1/8 x 8 3/4)

A7.5 Euro Flap Liners (6.75 x 9.5)

A9 Euro Flap Liners (7.5 x 10)


How to Line Your Own Envelopes

Lining Your Own Envelopes is Easy

Lining your own envelopes like a pro is easier than you might think! Simply slide our pre-cut liners inside of your envelopes and adhere with your favorite glue or double-sided tape. Envelope liners do not contain any adhesive.


IMPORTANT: Don’t overdue the glue!
This may cause wrinkling, color bleed, and an overall poor appearance. Just a bit of glue or tape around the top perimeter of the flap will work just fine. We recommend lining one blank envelope and allowing it to sit for 24 hours to determine if you are happy with the results. If you are, then you can line all of your envelopes.


IMPORTANT: Print your envelopes before lining them!
We recommend printing your envelopes prior to lining them. This will make it easier for the envelopes to run through a printer and will ensure that your liners don’t detach during the printing process.


envelope liners

Order Envelope Liners Printed or Blank

Customize Your Envelope Liners

Order our envelope liner papers blank for a simple look or for printing at home, or order envelope liners professionally printed with your custom design. Print in black, color, or even white on dark liners. It’s the perfect way to tie your whole invitation suite together and makes for a polished, professional look.

Mix, Match, Design Your Own Lined Envelopes

Create Your Own Unique Lined Envelopes

No more boring envelopes! Mix & match envelope liner paper with one of hundreds of envelopes to create your own unique lined envelopes. With all of these options, the design potential is endless….

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