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About Kromekote Cardstock Paper 

Kromekote, known around the globe for exceptional quality in cast coated, glossy cardstock paper. Easily achieve superior print impressions using many digital and conventional print methods. Foil stamp or emboss on Kromekote for a beauty unmatched by other papers. The cast coated, gloss finish makes this paper the right choice for business cards, invitations and corporate marketing brochures and materials.

Kromekote is a C/1S cast coated paper with a glossy smooth finish on the front. The back side is matte uncoated. It’s known for its 12pt / 250gsm, manufactured for superb image reproduction. Kromekote is the recognized brand leader in gloss cast coated paper, known around the globe for exceptional quality. Use this paper for business cards, photo prints, invitations, greeting cards and other marketing and corporate collateral.

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