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Best Paper Adhesives for Invitations & Paper Crafts

Clean, easy, quick-drying, wrinkle-free, and acid-free, these paper adhesives are awesome for invitations, card making, and paper crafts of all sorts! Zip-Dry - Zip Dry never ever wrinkles paper, including tissue and vellum. It is acid and lignin free so will not harm photographs or yellow your project over time. Excess glue rubs away completely when wet without leaving any sticky residue. Scrapbookers and card makers have voted Zip Dry their #1 adhesive for paper. Double-Sided Dots - A glue-free alternative, adhesive dots avoid any drying time, go on clear, and are super easy to use. Just peel off the backer, adhere your layer, liner, embellishment, etc, then press firmly.