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About Neenah Environment Blank Cards

Neenah Environment kraft cards are 80% recycled and offered in a variety of sizes, two finishes and several neutral shades. They're perfect for rustic wedding invites, greeting cards, personalized stationery and more.  

Colors & Weights Offered
Environment cards are offered in 80lb, 120lb, or both, depending on the color.
**Available in 80lb and 120lb
*Available in 80lb only
      • Desert Storm** - A smooth finish light kraft brown color with visible flecks and fibers (inclusions) throughout
      • Moonrock** - A smooth finish soft white kraft with subtle visible inclusions
      • Grocer Kraft** - A rough (raw finish), grocery bag-like kraft stock with large inclusions
      • Weathered* - A smooth, light gray kraft with a subtle blue undertone. Very few to no inclusions are seen in this color.
      • Concrete* - A rough, raw finish kraft in a gray shade bordering on taupe. Paper has visible inclusions/fibers.
      • Husk* - A smooth kraft paper with a warm tan hue. No flecks and fibers are seen in this paper.
      • Honeycomb* - A mustard yellow kraft with large, prominent inclusions.
      • Wrought Iron* - A charcoal gray kraft with visible inclusions and a rough finish

Order Cards Blank or Professionally Printed
If printing this stock at home, 80lb weights perform well with most home ink jets and lasers. Due to the very heavy weight and thickness of 120lb cover, we recommend ordering a sample to test prior to purchase. If you prefer, order Environment kraft cards professionally printed.  

Matching Kraft Card Stock & Envelopes
Matching Neenah Environment envelopes and Neenah Environment card stock is available.

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