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Translucent, Transparent Vellum Paper Printed or Blank

Order Printed Vellum – Easy!

Printing on delicate translucent vellum paper at home isn’t always easy, so why not let LCI Paper print your vellum for you? Order light or heavier weight vellum printed in white, black, or color ink.

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Top Translucent Vellum Paper Questions, Answered

Do you have questions about translucent vellum? As paper and printing pros who supply dozens of top quality vellum papers, we have answers! Below we address the most common ones, but if you have more questions, get in touch!

Is Translucent Vellum Paper the Same thing as Vellum Finish Paper?

No, but that’s a common misconception! Translucent vellum paper is transparent, or see-through paper with a plastic-like feel and translucency similar to frosted glass. Paper with a vellum finish is standard opaque (non see -through) paper with a subtle eggshell like finish.

What are Other Names for Translucent Vellum?

Vellum paper is also referred to as transparent paper, see-through paper, sheer paper, and clear paper (though it is not technically crystal clear).

Does LCI Paper Print on Vellum Paper?

We sure do print on vellum paper! To order printed vellum, choose your vellum size, weight, and color, send us your design, and let us do the rest. We print vellum in white, black, or color.

Does LCI Paper Laser Cut Vellum?

Yup, we do that too! Even though translucent vellum paper is super delicate, LCI laser cuts vellum into any shape you’d like. Send us your file and we will laser cut intricate vellum wraps, bands, cards, custom shapes – you name it.

Can Vellum Envelopes be Mailed?

Yes, you can mail vellum envelopes but keep in mind, since vellum envelopes are see-through, you may consider an envelope liner and a wrap around. your invitation or card for privacy.

What is Vellum Paper Made Of?

The translucent vellum and parchment paper sold by LCI Paper is cellulose (plant) based, making it natural and humane to animals.


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