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About Gmund No Color No Bleach Cardstock Paper - Pure & Simple Paper

No Color No Bleach paper is manufactured with pure pulp, no dye, and long fibers creating a natural, high performance paper. Simple in composition and design, it’s the perfect backdrop for minimalist or organic packaging and prints. Matching cards and envelopes are available.  

2 Natural Colors
No Color No Bleach is available in two colors, each with slight variance from sheet to sheet due to its natural composition.
      • No Color - a soft white with no dye
      • No Bleach - a tan with no dye and no bleach
Subtle Felt Finish
No No has a subtle European felt finish on both sides, best described as a soft linear texture.  

2 Weights - Light Text & Heavy Cover
      • 81lb (120 g/m2) text
      • 111lb (300 g/m2) cover
Standard Pre-Cut Sheet Sizes
Perfect for press and all your creative needs, No Color No Bleach comes in a variety of pre-cut sizes ranging from 8 1/2 x 11 to large, mill size sheets.  

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