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Post Date : September 27, 2023

Find Your New Favorite Packaging Paper at LCI

LCI Paper for luxury packaging paper

Whether you need luxury paper for packaging boxes or box wrap, bags, hang tags, or any other creative packaging or branding design, LCI Paper has you covered.


In this post:

      • Learn what LCI Paper offers for high value packaging paper
      • Grab some swatches of packaging paper favorites
      • Get inspired, then get in touch to discuss your premium packaging paper needs.

We’d love to help you bring your next best specialty packaging design to life!





LCI Paper for Packaging: What we Offer


High Value Packaging Paper Favorites: Learn More & Get Some Swatches

Chosen for their premium quality, superb printably, distinct finishes, and sustainability, the following papers are packaging designer favorites. Learn more about them, order swatches to experience them in person, and see how they can elevate luxury box design.

Bio Cycle: Compostable Packaging Paper Made with Plants

Bio Cycle is made from plant fibers and is compostable, thus providing nutrients to grow new plants – the perfect ecological cycle (and the perfect packaging paper for eco-conscious brands). Plant-based Bio Cycle is available in five different renewable, resource-saving fibers: hemp, grass, cellulose, straw, and cotton.


Order a Bio Cycle Swatch Book


Compostable paper for packaging design


Hanf: Paper Made with Hemp for Cannabis Packaging

An ecological and creative sensation, Hanf is made from 10%, 50%, or 100% European hemp fibers. Hemp is naturally pest-resistant and easy to cultivate (a hemp field produces 4-5 times as much paper as a forest of the same size), making it super sustainable. It’s also strong yet soft to the touch, simple and organic in appearance, and prints and embosses like a dream. Naturally, Hanf is popular paper for cannabis packaging.


Order a Hanf Swatchbook


Paper made with hemp fibers for cannabis packaging, organic and sustainable packaging


No Color / No Bleach: Simple, Natural Packaging Paper

Pure and simple in composition and design, No Color No Bleach is manufactured with pure pulp, no dye, and long fibers creating a natural, honest, high performance paper. Clean, modern, and minimalist, No Color No Bleach is a preferred packaging paper for organic products.


Order a No Color/No Bleach Swatchbook


Paper for eco-friendly branding and paper box design - no dye, no bleach, natural organic paper


Used: Designer Color Recycled Paper for Creative Custom Packaging

The smart and sustainable “Used” collection is made with 100% reused, de-inked wood-pulp paper fibers, transforming discarded paper into designer paper – no additional trees needed! It has a timeless matte finish and comes in ten unique colors you won’t find in other recycled paper collections. Used makes it easy for designers to create eco-friendly, stand-out packaging that brands can still feel good about.


Order a Used Swatchbook


Designer color paper for luxury boxes


Gmund Colors: Premium Eco-Certified Paper for High Value Packaging

Gmund Colors is a luxury paper system made up of 48 colors and 4 finishes, strategically developed to mix, match, and simplify luxury design. But it’s not just beautiful – it’s environmentally responsible too. The Color System is Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified, a globally recognized standard for safe, sustainable products based on raw material health, use of renewable energy, water conservation, and recyclability of the final product.


Learn more about why Gmund Colors are great packaging papers


Order a Gmund Colors Swatchbook


Gmund Colors eco-friendly paper for high value packaging


See More Specialty Papers for Packaging

If you didn’t find quite what you had in mind above, don’t worry, LCI offers many, many more specialty paper brands!


Shop Paper by Brand


If you are looking for a specific packaging paper that you do not see on our website, please contact us, as we may be able to source it for you or find an alternative to meet your custom needs.





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