Gmund Used: Colorful Recycled Paper with Character

Post Date : September 28, 2023

Gmund Used Paper: What it is & Why it’s a Designer Favorite

Yes, LCI Paper offers “Used” paper, and yes, we get lots of interesting questions about it. In this post, we answer those questions and tell you all about our “used” paper, Gmund Used, and why this luxury recycled paper collection is a designer favorite.

Gmund Used Colorful recycled paper for packaging, branding, sold by LCI Paper


Gmund Used Paper is Not

Before we get into what Gmund Used is (and why it’s awesome), let’s first go over what it is not:


Since Gmund Used is manufactured by creatively REusing paper from multiple sources, it was given the brand name “Used” by Gmund Paper. Despite its name, Gmund Used paper has NOT been returned, printed on, written on, damaged, dirtied, or “used” in any way.


Gmund Used Paper is… a Uniquely Reused, Recycled, Designer Paper Collection


Gmund Used printed samples. Colorful recycled paper printable by offset, letterpress, foil, silk screen


Now that we have any brand name confusion out of the way, what is Gmund Used? It is a sustainable, eco-friendly, luxury recycled paper collection made from 100% recycled (used) paper.


How Gmund Used is Made

Used is made up of 100% recycled paper from multiple sources:

      • 80% from premium FSC Certified, recycled de-inked pulp
      • 20% from packaging waste generated on site at Gmund Paper Mill

This 20% is collected and thrown right into the pulper instead of going through an external recycling process. This means no additional transport, less energy, and fewer chemicals are required to manufacture Used paper.


Thanks to innovation and maximum fiber reclamation, paper that would otherwise have been discarded is transformed into designer quality recycled paper – a true trash to treasure story.


Gmund Used Paper is a Collection of 10 Intentionally Undefined, Unique Colors

The Used collection consists of 10 intentionally undefined, unique colors, each with a matte finish with subtle, natural inclusions, giving these recycled sheets authenticity and character. What does “intentionally undefined” mean? Think, not quite purple/not quite brown, or kind of gray/kind of green. The colors are striking, sophisticated, and shades you won’t find in other recycled paper collections. Due to their unique nature, Gmund chose to number the colors as opposed to naming them (Used 0-9).



However, as paper, print, and design lovers, we know that color has meaning and evokes emotion, so below is our best effort to describe the unique Used colors in everyday terms.

So you can see the colors in person, we also offer Gmund Used swatch books, Gmund Used swatch decks, and individual samples.



A Description of the 10 Used Colors


Used 0 soft white recycled paper for packaging and printing

Used 0 – A Soft, Farmhouse White

Used 0 is a soft white color similar to a farmhouse white or soft cotton.

Used 1 light gray recycled paper for packaging and printing

Used 1 – A Light, Cool Gray

Used 1 is a light, neutral, cool gray. Think cloudy skies and foggy mornings.

Used 2 dark gray recycled paper for packaging and printing

Used 2 – A Strong Charcoal Gray

A much darker gray, Used 3 is a sophisticated shade of charcoal with strong hints of blue and green.

Used 3 blush recycled paper for packaging and printing

Used 3 – A Feminine Peachy/Blush

Used 3 is a soft, feminine blush color closer to a pale peach than a pink.

Used 4 dusty purple recycled paper for packaging and printing

Used 4 – A Dusty Purple

Used 4 is not quite purple, not quite gray, but a cross between. It is best described as a dusty purple.

Used 5 plum recycled paper for packaging and printing

Used 5 – A Rich Plum

A rich, deep shade of purple, Used 5 is reminiscent of ripe plums or red grapes.

Used 6 orchid pink recycled paper for packaging and printing

Used 6 – An Orchid Pink

Used 6 is not quite pink, not quite purple, but a cross between. Its hue is similar to orchids or rhododendrons.

Used 7 red orange recycled paper for packaging and printing

Used 7 – A Striking Red/Orange

Attention-grabbing Used 7 is a red/orange that brings bold spice and fresh citrus to mind.

Used 8 dark green recycled paper for packaging and printing

Used 8 – A Deep Green

Used 8 is a deeply saturated dark teal or forest green. Think evergreens and holidays.

Used 9 faded royal blue recycled paper for packaging and printing

Used 9 – A Faded Royal

Used 9 is a faded royal blue color. Classic, comforting, and inviting, it’s the color of a lake on a sunny day or a favorite old worn in teeshirt.

Gmund Used Paper is Certified Eco-Friendly

Used isn’t just eco-friendly because it’s recycled, but also for these reasons:

      • Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver: A globally recognized standard for safe and sustainable products manufactured for the circular economy
      • Electricity needed for the production is made by hydropower
      • CO2 Neutral: Unavoidable CO2 emissions are 100% offset by by Gmund’s support of wind energy projects around the world
      • FSC® certified



Recycled luxury box design, made with foil stamped and embossed Gmund Used paper

Gmund Used Paper Prints Beautifully

Gmund Used prints beautifully using a variety of methods. Your high value design will look great on Used no matter how you choose to print it.

      • Offset
      • Letterpress
      • Silk-screen
      • Blind embossing
      • Hot foil stamping
      • Paper etching
      • Die cutting
      • Digital



Luxury box design made with dark green recycled paper and foil stamped

Uses for Used: An Awesome & Unique Packaging Paper

With an ever-growing consumer and corporate demand for eco-friendly paper packaging materials, packaging designers are finding themselves seeking recycled, sustainable papers more and more.


Fully recycled, fully recyclable, and manufactured with the environment and sustainability in mind, Gmund Used is a natural choice for environmentally friendly packaging paper. As an added bonus, it comes in all those cool colors that make creative packaging designs stand out on shelves!


Marketing and branding collateral made with colorful recycled paper

The Perfect Paper for Sophisticated & Sustainable Branding

Gmund Used is the perfect backdrop for creative, stand-out branding design that companies can also feel good about. It’s great for unique, environmentally-friendly business cards, brochures, hang tags, mailings, and more.


Designer modern wedding invitation made with colorful recycled paper

A Great Paper for Eco Friendly Invitations & Stationery

For invitation and stationery design, Used cards and envelopes are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. Mix and match those sophisticated colors to design recycled invitations like no other!


What will you use Used for? Order some samples, try it out, see how it can enhance your high-value, eco-friendly design








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